Mediation Preparation Sessions: Property 

At Coastal Lawyers, we are team mediation! We love it!

 Mediation can save clients’ money, years of heart ache and stress and can really help preserve co-parenting relationships so that parents can get back to their important role of guiding little humans on their life’s journey.

 But like anything, you get what you put in.

 That’s why preparation for your mediation is crucial to your success.

 This is why we developed our mediation preparation sessions.

 During our 90-minute session (which can be done via zoom or face to face at our boutique offices at Gosford), we will prepare you for your upcoming property mediation including:


The first step to a successful mediation is having the right mindset.

We will explain to you:

  • How a mediation works.
  • What to expect at a mediation and
  • The link between positive communication and positive mediation outcomes.
  • How best to negotiate with your former partner and advocate for yourself.

The Law:

Knowing the law is powerful. When you know where you stand legally; you then understand if what you are asking for is reasonable or not.

We will explain to you in plain English what your pre- action procedure rights and responsibilities are in respect of disclosure.

We will explain to you the four-step approach to property settlement including how contributions are dealt with both financially and non-financial, add backs and future needs.


Your Balance Sheet:

After completing our detailed questionnaire, we will assist you to come up with a balance sheet that reflects your assets, liabilities, superannuation and add backs that you have a physical document you can take to mediation with you.


Your Disclosure Obligations:

We will explain to you your (and your partners) disclosure obligations under the Family Law Act 1975 so you understand what financial information you have an obligation to disclose and what rights you have to request financial information from your former spouse.


Your Opening Statement:

We will assist you with tips and tricks on how best to prepare your opening statement and how to best advocate on your behalf at your mediation.


How much does it cost?

Our property mediation preparation sessions cost $440. You can pay via credit card or direct deposit in advance of your meeting.


How long does the session go for? 

Our property mediation preparation sessions go for 90 minutes.


How can the property mediation preparation sessions be undertaken?

These sessions are best done face to face at our Gosford Offices, otherwise we can also facilitate by way of zoom.


How to book?

You can simply book online below or you can give our office a call on 1300 271 289.


Legally Assisted Mediation:

It is important that you go into mediation feeling that there is a level playing field. If you don’t feel confident that you can advocate on your behalf or are worried about feeling pressured into reaching an agreement that is not in your best interests, legally assisted mediation may be more appropriate to you. Legally assisted mediation is done through a private mediator where both parties are also entitled to bring their lawyers to help assist them navigate the process.

In our experience, legally assisted mediation is often much more successful, largely since those who attend legally assisted mediation tend to be better prepared as to how the law is application to their case. They tend to have more realistic expectations as to what a just and equitable outcome in. Our lawyers have attended countless mediations, so we have the tools to be able to negotiate and remain emotionally detached from any outcome, which can often understandably be extremely difficulty for the parties to the marriage.

At Coastal Lawyers we offer fixed fee’s for legally assisted mediation. This process starts with a 1-hour Strategy Session for $330. Following our Strategy Session and understanding your unique situation, we provide you with a fixed fee scope.


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Written by Kristal

Written by Kristal

Principal Lawyer & Founder of Coastal Lawyers

Kristal was admitted as a lawyer in 2011. A former prosecutor, she has a Diploma in Law. A Graduate Certificate in Criminal Practice and is currently completing her Masters in Family Law (2022).

Kristal is a member of the Legal Aid Panels for criminal law and family law and domestic violence. 

Fun Fact: Kristal loves all things mindfulness, meditation and "wu wu". 


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