There is a reason they write so many love songs about break ups. They absolutely suck. But being family lawyers we also see so many wonderful clients thrive after separation.

Our 5 bigs observations from clients who don’t just survive divorce but thrive are:

They have Besties

Having a good support system that you can call or hang out with on those tough days is invaluable.

They make time for their physical health

A regular exercise routine, even if it’s just a regular walk after school drop off or in your lunch break is great for your mind, body and spirit.

They prioritise their emotional health

Looking after your mental and emotional health is crucial.

Finding someone you connect with to help you navigate the emotions that naturally flow from a breakup is critical.

Whether it’s traditional therapy or alternative therapy like reiki, find the combination that works for you.

They engage in legal advice and create a plan

Early legal advice is often crucial to your success.

This is why at Coastal Lawyers we offer an obligation free Strategy Session for $330, so you can get answers to all those legal questions you naturally have after separation.

Seeing a lawyer shouldn’t be scary, it’s just part of your separation toolkit.

Many clients come to us before separation, after separation and then many months later when they need help documenting their agreements or where negotiations may have failed and they need a hand.

They have a positive mindset

There will be days or weeks that feel heavy and hard but a positive mindset and embracing a growth mindset will win every day and keep you focused on the exciting new future that awaits you.

Because there are no accidents in life and these are all learnings.

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