If you are going through a separation then these are our top 5 tips

  1. Obviously break ups suck that’s why there are so many songs written about them. Eat all the foods. Cry all the tears and drink all the wine in those first few days. Call those besties in your life for support or if you are really struggling then engaging with a counsellor or psychologist is an amazing act of self care.
  2. Update all your passwords and logins. It’s not unusual in a relationship to know your partners logins or to share location services. But changing those things is a great boundary to put in place and will prevent any potential financial issues down the track.
  3. Under the Family Law Act you will have an obligation of disclosure so it’s best to start collating all your financial information including payslips, tax returns, bank statements for the past 12 months, credit card debts etc.
  4. Write down what you brought into your relationship and what you contributed during the relationship. Consider your financial and non financial contributions. (Yes staying at home with those beautiful babies is a contribution to be reflected in your property settlement).
  5. Book in a 1 hour Strategy Session with Coastal Lawyers. Many of our clients book these sessions in before they are going to seperate or once they are newly separated so they can find out their legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to parenting, property and divorce.