“The person with the higher level of consciousness has the responsibility to lead”

Wow! Just wow!

This Kerwin Rae quote really rang true to me particularly for my family law clients.

Kerwin was discussing how important boundaries are.

Boundaries after separation are even more significant or important because by setting boundaries then we teach people how to treat us.

We show people what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

We take control of what the new “normal” will look like.

Often when couples seperate they are not at the same “stage” in the process.

I have talked before to so many of my clients about how experts compare the separation process to the grieving process.

• Shock and denial
• Pain and guilt
• Anger and bargaining
• Depression
• The upward turn
• Reconstruction and working through
• Acceptance and hope

Anyone who has been through a separation can probably really relate to the above waves of emotion.

So the next time you a navigating different areas of your separation, take a moment to consider how you can control your actions and behaviours because we all know we can’t control anyone else’s.

And if you need help with your separation then you can always jump online and book a 1 hour strategy session.