The short answer is yes, yes and yes!

Before you go to mediation (and believe me we are ALL about Mediation at Coastal Lawyers! We love it.

 Why? Because it will save your sanity by reducing the amount of time that you are actively in conflict with your former partner. Meaning you can move on with the job or co-parenting or moving forward with your life.

 And the second reason is it will save you a heap of money if you are able to successfully negotiate your property settlement or parenting orders at mediation.

At the time of writing this in 2021, a fully contested family law matter could cost you $70,000-$100,000 per party and take 3-4 years to settle! Insane right? 

 This is why mediation is such an incredible option.

In fact, before you can commence proceedings in the Family Court you actually need to have attempted mediation and get a certificate (a section 60I certificate) confirming it.

At Coastal Lawyers we recommend that most clients undertake mediation for property and parenting (unless an exemption applies).

But before you go to mediation; you 100% should see a lawyer. Why? Well, you can’t successfully negotiate if you don’t know where you stand. 

 You need to have an understanding of the Family Law Act and what a court is likely to give you if you did end up in court.

This way you also have a clear understanding of whether what you are asking for is reasonable or not.

 You need advice on lots of different aspects in a property matter including

1. The four-step process

2. Contribution

3. Future needs

 4. How assets are liabilities are dealt with.

 5. Is Super in or out?

6. What about the bank of mum and dad? How are family loans treated?

6. What are your future needs?

 7. How is the homemaker role treated?


If the above questions have you thinking “what are they even talking about?” Then that is even more reason to book a Family Law Strategy session with Coastal Lawyers so we can discuss all of the above aspects and more, along with providing you with tips and tricks before attending mediation.





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Written by Kristal

Written by Kristal

Principal Lawyer & Founder of Coastal Lawyers

Kristal was admitted as a lawyer in 2011. A former prosecutor, she has a Diploma in Law. A Graduate Certificate in Criminal Practice and is currently completing her Masters in Family Law (2022).

Kristal is a member of the Legal Aid Panels for criminal law and family law and domestic violence. 

Fun Fact: Kristal loves all things mindfulness, meditation and “wu wu”. 


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