Lockdowns suck but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some important things done.

After the lockdown haze lifts and the reality of homeschooling sinks in, it’s time to get some things done that you have probably been putting off. 

1. Marie Condo your wardrobe  

I get so much satisfaction from cleaning out my wardrobe.

Out with the old and make room for those late-night online shopping purchases (if we can’t go out then we have to have some vices right).

2. Organise your Will 

 The number of people who say to me “oh yeah I really need to get my will sorted” is astounding.

I get it! It’s low on the priority list when day to day life gets in the way. But it actually should be top of the list.

Don’t you want to be the one to determine who gets all the assets you have worked so hard for?

If so, add getting a will straight to the top of that list.

You can book a free 15-minute estate call online.

3. Process that Divorce

Similar to wills, the number of people who have not filed for divorce even though they have been separated for years is really high. Usually, because it has fallen to the bottom of the pile.

The Family Court website provides a DIY option which many people are happy to navigate themselves. But if you want a lawyer or a process server to assist, then Coastal Lawyers can guide you through the process.

So are you ready to get some help? 

Marie Condo: We can’t help with officially (but DM me and I will be happy to share my tips)

Wills: Our fabulous lawyer, Olivia has a Masters in Law (Estate Planning) and can answer all of your estate planning questions.

Book a free 15-minute call this lockdown.

Divorce & Family Law: 
Coastal Lawyers are Central Coast Family Lawyers who can answer all questions about divorce, property settlement, parenting and family law.

Book in a strategy session this lockdown from in the comfort of your slippers and active wear!! 

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