Court Fees for Family Law matters set to increase.


Court fees for Family Law matters are set to increase on 1 July 2021. 


What are family court fees? 

They are the fees you are required to pay directly to the court when you have a family law matter. 


For example; to obtain a divorce the fee you need to pay the court now will increase from $930 to $940 (or $310) if you are entitled to a reduced fee. 


To see the full list of court fee increases please click the button below. 


And remember, if you have a family law matter, you can always book a family law strategy session with Coastal Lawyers. 

Our Family Law Strategy Sessions are an hour-long session with a Family Lawyer to discuss all things parenting, property and divorce. 

We have you complete a detailed questionnaire prior to our meeting so that we can spend our hour together answering your questions. These sessions are great for those thinking about separating or who have recently separated and who want more information and clarification around the separation process. 


Coastal Lawyers are experienced criminal lawyers, traffic lawyers and family lawyers located on the Central Coast.

Coastal Lawyers offer legal representation at all Central Coast court’s including Gosford Local Court, Gosford District Court, Wyong Local Court, Woy Woy Local Court, Raymond Terrace, Toronto and Belmont. 

Coastal Lawyers offer representation in all Family Court’s and Federal Courts. Including divorce, parenting, property, child support and maintenance.


Coastal Lawyers are central coast family lawyers. We offer representation in all areas of family law including divorce, parenting property and maintenance. 

Written by Kristal

Written by Kristal

Principal Lawyer & Founder of Coastal Lawyers

Kristal was admitted as a lawyer in 2011. A former prosecutor, she has a Diploma in Law. A Graduate Certificate in Criminal Practice and is currently completing her Masters in Family Law (2022).

Kristal is a member of the Legal Aid Panels for criminal law and family law and domestic violence. 

Fun Fact: Kristal loves all things mindfulness, meditation and "wu wu". 


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