I read a line of liane moriaritys books 9 perfect strangers and something resonated “each obligation on its own seemed laughably easy. It was the sheer volume that threatened to bury her”.

That statement just sums up nicely the mental load that is being a working parent to three young children, a business owner, a boss and a masters student.

It’s not all the small tasks, it’s the culmination of each individual one that sometimes gives you those feelings of:

Overwhelm and “where the hell do I start thoughts”

Those “wake up in the middle of the night and write your self a note moments”.

And those “maybe I should just slow down a bit moments”

But while people regularly ask me how do you juggle it all (and believe me I don’t do it perfectly at all).

The reality is, this is the messiness of modern life.

I am grateful every single day that I have a healthy body. That I have an active mind. That we live in a country of freedom. I feel so grateful that I have all these opportunities as a women of this modern era, that women before us fought so hard for us to experience, that I am excited and inspired to “do all the things”.

It doesn’t make it easy but it does provide perspective in those moments of fluster and stress. #centralcoastwomeninbusiness #ccbwn #smallbusinessaustralia #smallbusinessowner #terrigal #centralcoastnsw