There’s a (New) Fine Line for Those Doing it Tough

There is a (new) fine line for those doing it tough

On 1 July 2020, NSW rolled out a new policy enabling persons supported by social security and experiencing financial hardship to have their fines halved.

Am I eligible?

Anyone who receives a Centrelink payment is eligible to be assessed and in case you’re wondering, yep – this includes the Covid-19 JobKeeper payment. It’s important to note that fine reduction isn’t automatically applied to your fine. Revenue NSW will conduct an assessment and determine whether your fine could be paid in full via a payment plan arrangement or resolved through a work development order (which essentially is completing either unpaid work or participating in a course or program). Following this, Revenue NSW will make a decision.

Do you need payment flexibility?

In situations where Revenue NSW has determined a fine could be paid in full, you’ll be glad to know that the policy has introduced greater payment flexibility. You are now able to set up a payment plan at any time, which previously was only considered when a fine was overdue. Have you checked out our blog on court-imposed fines? Click here to view it.

Does this apply to my fine?

The new policy applies to fines collected by Revenue NSW. These include: traffic / speeding fines; parking fines; police infringement notices for stealing police infringement notices for offensive behaviour; and police infringement notices for intoxicated and disorderly conduct. Some fines are exempt Voting-related fines, jury duty fines and fines issued to body corporates are not included.

Have you been charged with a traffic offence on the Central Coast?

If you are going to Court on the Central Coast for a traffic offence then you should get advice from a Central Coast criminal lawyer, like Coastal Lawyers. We are Central Coast lawyers who have experience representing Central Coast locals in all types of traffic matters across all courts including Gosford Local Court, Wyong Local Court, Belmont Local Court and Toronto Local Court. We offer a free 15 minute discovery call for all clients and are also on legal aid panels for all criminal law matters.

Common types of traffic offences

Drink Driving

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Drink driving is considered to be a very serious offence by the courts. Offences of mid-range and high range drink driving can attract jail terms and also attract mandatory interlock orders. If you have been charged with drink driving then you should speak to an experienced lawyer from Coastal Lawyers.

Drug Driving

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Certain drugs can stay in your system weeks or months after they have been consumed. Drug driving and the loss of your licence can have serious consequences on your ability to earn an income and support your family. If you have been charged with drug driving on the central coast, then Coastal Lawyers can provide you with legal representation at court.


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Speeding offences can lead to the loss of your licence due to demerit points of immediate licence suspension for certain speeding offences. If your licence is at risk then you speak to Coastal Lawyers about your options.

Unlicenced driving

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Dangerous Driving

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Dangerous driving occasioning death or grievous bodily harm are extremely serious matters and can result in jail terms. As a former prosecutor for very serious traffic offences including dangerous driving, Kristal from Coastal Lawyers can give you solid legal advice and representation if you find yourself charged with serious traffic offences.

Heavy Vehicles

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Do you do Legal Aid?

Yes Coastal Lawyers are on all of the criminal law Legal Aid panels and also on the Family Law Legal Aid panels. So we can do legal aid work for eligible clients.

What courts do you appear at?

Coastal Lawyers are central coast locals too, so we appear at all Central Coast and Newcastle Courts including Gosford Local Court, Wyong Local Court, Belmont Local Court, Toronto Local Court and the Newcastle Federal Circuit Court.

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