Strategic Imbalance ✌️ ☮️

I was listening to a podcast last night about ‘strategic imbalance’ and let me tell you. I am all about it!

There is so much focus in our modern world (particularly on mums) to have “balance”. I mean of course we have to balance work, home, kids, social life, exercise, eating right and doing all of the things and make sure that every area of life is in perfect flow at all times!

But that’s bull!

It’s not achievable!

It sets unrealistic expectations!

It then leads to stress and anxiety and resentment.

Strategic imbalance is about embracing the chaos of life.

It is about mindfully selecting or simply surrendering to the fact that certain days or even weeks might be more focused on certain areas of life and that’s okay.

It also embraces the concept that sometimes work or business or a sick child will take the focus of your attention that day but that it will always swing back around.

For example, if you know you have a big week at work, then you plan to make your home life easier with quick easy meals (weet-bix for dinner anyone?) or some extra helping hands for that drop off and pick up.

Or if you want to take a long weekend away with the family, then you might work later in the nights that week so you can take that time and be fully present and “in the moment”.

It’s something we probably unconsciously do anyway, or something that we perhaps approach with resistance. “Why do I have to work late when I should be watching Below Deck?”

“What is my boss or client going to say with me having another day off because of a snotty babe 🤒 ?”.

To be in strategic imbalance embraces the messy chaos that is life and that to me brings calm. #wegotthis #wecandoitallbutitwillbemessy 📸 @brookebirophotography