At Coastal Lawyers you won’t get the traditional approach. We are avocado 🥑. Some people will love our approach and it wont be for others.

I want people to leave Coastal Lawyers feeling seen, heard and listened too.

We use a “new law model” and do things differently.

We invest time in our clients getting to know them and their stories.

We get to the core of what is driving our clients decisions and truly understand what a good outcome looks like to them. Because every client is different and every client wants different things.

But our friendly and approachable nature doesn’t mean we will sugarcoat.

As legal advisers we do give you hard truths about the strength of your case and let you know when your expectations aren’t realistic.

To offer our services in this way, means that I don’t take on all cases and I don’t take on all clients. We only have a certain number of clients at any one time so that we can ensure this tailored service.

However, we have an incredible network of fellow aligned lawyers who we regularly refer clients too when we can’t assist.

If you need a lawyer then you can book a 15 minute discovery call.