“Friendly” and “Caring”. Two traits I pride myself on as a human being and as a lawyer.

When you come to see a lawyer, whether it is for a criminal law or a family law matter, you have to discuss really personal things.

I get to know my clients life story, relationship history and personal details about their life and finances.

The lawyer/client relationship is one built on trust. Trust can only be established when you feel seen, heard and truly listened too.

You can only be open when you know that everything you say is completely confidential.

You will only feel safe to be vulnerable when you know there is no judgment from the listener. And there is no judgment of my clients because I haven’t lived their life or walked in their shoes. I don’t experience their life through their eyes.

So yes, contrary to those jokes (often very funny jokes) about us “lawyers”, I believe we can be professional and still be friendly and caring. After all I am living the human experience too complete with frailties and weaknesses.

One thing that is guaranteed is that most interactions with the legal system will be an extremely stressful time for clients, so why shouldn’t their interaction with their lawyer at least be enjoyable.

So if you need a lawyer or know someone who does, then book them a free 15 minute discovery call with me online.