Parenting Plan or Consent Orders? 

What is a parenting plan?

It is an agreement in writing signed by both parties and dated. 

What is are consent orders? 

Consent Orders are an agreement in writing which has been approved by the Court. 

What is on the difference between a parenting plan and consent orders? 

There are a few differences between parenting plans and consent orders which we have set out in our infographic below. 

consent orders central coast

If you are not quite sure which one is better for your unique family situation, then we always recommend that you get legal advice. 

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Written by Kristal

Written by Kristal

Principal Lawyer & Founder of Coastal Lawyers

Kristal was admitted as a lawyer in 2011. A former prosecutor, she has a Diploma in Law. A Graduate Certificate in Criminal Practice and is currently completing her Masters in Family Law (2022).

Kristal is a member of the Legal Aid Panels for criminal law and family law and domestic violence. 

Fun Fact: Kristal loves all things mindfulness, meditation and "wu wu". 



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