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What is a Coastal Lawyers Family Law Strategy Session?

At Coastal Lawyers, we understand that the breakdown of your relationship can be one of the most financially, emotionally and spiritually draining experiences of your life. 

We can not only guide you through the legal aspects of family law including parenting, property and divorce. But we can also provide you with the emotional support and resources to ensure that you emerge from your separation with grace. 

How much does a Strategy Session cost?

Our Strategy Sessions cost $330 for a 1 hour meeting either face to face at our boutique offices at Gosford, or via video or phone call if you prefer. 

Prior to our meeting, we will have you complete our detailed Family Law Questionnaire so that we can obtain a full background of your unique family situation. This also ensures we get the most out of our time together. 

During our meeting we will explain to you in plain English what your legal rights and responsibilities are under the Family Law Act and Family Law Rules. We will also answer any questions which you may have about your entitlements.

During our conference, we will also give you an idea of likely costs going forward and advise you of our recommended strategy.

We will also discuss the various options for your matter including negotiation, mediation or collaborative practice if suitable for your matter.  


 How do I book?

You can book a Strategy Session on a date and time that suits.

Simply, choose the option which best suits your current situation.

If you need an urgent appointment, then give our offices a call on 1300 271 289 or email us at and we will do our best to fit you in urgently.


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What do our clients have to say?

Did you know we have over 70 verified 5-star reviews on Law Connect?

We pride ourselves on our positive relationships with our clients and are so humbled by each and everyone who have taken the time to share their experience with Coastal Lawyers.

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People generally don’t come to lawyers for criminal law and family law advice in celebration. (That’s okay we don’t take it personally).

But talking to a lawyer doesn’t need to be overwhelming or scary. We just happen to know a lot about a particular topic, in this case the law and how it effects you.

At Coastal Lawyers, we give our client’s frank and practical legal advice. We are human’s, parents and spouses too. We bring our life experience to our role as legal advisers and advocates.

We offer a judgement free and confidential space where you can discuss your legal problems, have your legal questions answered and make informed decisions about your unique situation.

Our clients are busy people who are often juggling work and families. This is why we use technology to make the process of getting legal advice simple and convenient.

We use phone and video calls to regularly keep our clients updated. As well as face to face appointments at our Gosford offices when required.

We also use the latest legal technology including online bookings and payment options. Email and text messages to remind clients about their upcoming appointments and court dates. As well as a secure client portal so clients can conveniently view court documents and correspondence.

Early legal advice is often crucial to the success of your matter.  

Areas of Law

Criminal Law

We are experienced and confident advocates who have appeared before the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Courts of New South Wales.

If you have been charged by police with a criminal offence then early legal advice is often crucial to the success of your case.

Coastal Lawyers undertake Legal Aid work for eligible clients.

Traffic Law

We understand that losing your licence can have a huge impact on families.

If you have received an infringement notice, are worried about your licence or have been charged with a more serious traffic offence, we can provide you with legal advice and representation at court.

We offer fixed fees for all traffic law matters.

Family Law

We are empathetic family lawyers whose main focus is ensuring that children are not caught up in conflict and that parents can positively co-parent long after their separation.

We can guide you through all aspects of the often challenging family law process. From divorce through to negotiating property settlements and parenting arrangements. We offer deferred fees for eligible family law clients.

Why Us?

Coastal Laweyrs Central Coast family lawyers


Coastal Lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience in law and investigations.
coastal lawyers family lawyers


Coastal Lawyers are heart centred and solution focussed lawyers.


Coastal Lawyers offer fixed fees for most matters and cost certainty for all matters.
coastal lawyers family lawyers


We offer frank and honest advice to our clients, including clearly setting out the costs involved in each step.
coastal lawyers family lawyers


At Coastal Lawyers we embrace all new law technology including online bookings and payments and payment plans.
Online lawyer Central Coast


We have offices conveniently located at Gosford and offer video calls depending on our clients needs.

“You can google your way through or you can speak with an expert from the beginning. Early legal advice is crucial to the success of your case”

– Coastal Lawyers


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