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The breakdown of your relationship, marriage or family unit can be one of the most emotionally, financially and spiritually draining experiences of your life.

Coastal Lawyers will guide you through the process with empathy and understanding.

We are passionate about encouraging negotiation, preserving the co-parenting relationship and avoiding court where possible. 

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Coastal Lawyers can provide you with legal advice and assistance in all areas of Family Law. 


You can lodge an ‘Application for Divorce’ 12 months after the date of separation. 

We have a ‘fixed fee’ cost to prepare the necessary court papers, arrange service of those papers on your ex-partner and to attend court if required.

At Coastal Lawyers we reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the formal divorce process while keeping it affordable. 


Attending court for final orders in respect of property matters is expensive, stressful and can take a very long time. 

Coastal Lawyers are passionate about avoiding court and assisting our clients to negotiate with their former partner to come to workable agreements that provide parties with certainty about their property interests and entitlements. 


We can help you with all aspects of parenting arrangements including drafting parenting plans, negotiating final orders or applying to the court for ‘parenting orders’ where required. 

Coastal Lawyers are passionate about assisting you to preserve your co-parenting relationship and reducing any conflict for your children. 


Coastal Lawyers can provide you with advice and legal representation in respect to Spousal Maintenance Applications.

A maintenance application can be a helpful application if you do not have access to finances after separation. 

Domestic Violence

As former criminal prosecutors, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO) and domestic violence generally.

Coastal Lawyers can provide you with legal advice and representation not only in your family law matter but any associated ADVO proceedings.


Coastal Lawyers can negotiate on your behalf in all aspects of Family Law.

Many clients find it easier to have a lawyer negotiate with their former partner on their behalf. This way the pertinate issues can be defined and the parties can move on with their new beginnings with certainty. 

The stats 

Below are some facts about divorce and separation in Australia.

The Number of divorces in Australia in 2018

average age of person getting a divorce

Average length of marriage of those getting a divorce

the percentage of divorces that involve children

“The breakdown of a relationship doesn’t need to be viewed as a personal failure. It can be embraced as a new beginning.”

— Coastal Lawyers. 

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