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Criminal convictions have serious implications on your future. Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO’s) are not criminal convictions but equally can have serious consequences on your future.

Our strategy sessions are perfect for those who want comprehensive legal advice on their criminal law, traffic law or AVO situation but are not sure that they want to commit to the expense of having a lawyer represent them at Court. 

Our strategy sessions ensure you have comprehensive legal advice before you go to court and commit or agree to charges or AVOS.  

We will explain in detail, the charges against you. The minimum and maximum penalties. The likely penalty the Court may impose. The potential consequences of a criminal conviction. Advice as to how you should proceed including advice on how to prepare for your court appearance and what information you should gather to ensure the best outcome. 

If at the end of the strategy session, you decide that you would like us to represent you in your matter then we will also provide you with a fixed fee quote for our services. Otherwise, you will be equipped with the information you need to best represent yourself at court. 


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Book in a 1 hour strategy session with a criminal lawyer. $330 (inc GST). 

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Get frank legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer.

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Coastal Lawyer was founded by a former criminal prosecutor and a former police officer.

We have over 20 years of combined experience prosecuting and investigating serious crime and misconduct.

We use our valuable skills and experience to provide the best legal advice and representation for our clients.

Our professional network, tenacity and passion for the law is an asset to your case.

Being charged with a criminal offence or being told you are the subject of an investigation can be extremely stressful. If you are invited to participate in a recorded interview or asked to answer questions by police, you have a fundamental right to seek legal advice first.

Coastal Lawyers are available after-hours or on weekends for urgent legal advice.

We have extensive experience working within the criminal justice system and can clearly set out your options.

As members of the Legal Aid Summary Criminal Law Panels we can represent clients who have received legal aid in the NSW Local Court. 


Assault includes the offences of common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault causing grievous bodily harm as well as assaulting and resisting a police officer. Criminal convictions can have a lasting impact on your future.

Break and Enter and Stealing

The offence of break and enter is taken very seriously by the courts and can attract a lengthy term in jail. If you have been charged with break and enter you should obtain immediate legal advice. 


Domestic Violence and AVO's

If you have been served with an apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) or would like advice about how an ADVO may affect you, we have a strong background investigating and prosecuting such matters.  



Coastal Lawyers can provide you with advice and representation in matters relating to possess a prohibited drug, supply prohibited drug or drug cultivation. If you have been charged by police and are worried about a drug conviction – contact us before going to court.

Stealing / Shoplifting

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of the laws relating to ‘larceny’ (theft). Penalties for stealing may depend on the value of what has been stolen. Offences may carry significant fines or imprisonment.   


At Coastal Lawyers we have a background investigating and prosecuting fraud and workplace misconduct. Offences include, obtain benefit by deception, larceny by clerk, use false instrument, embezzlement, identity theft and money laundering.   

A criminal conviction can have a range of consequences on your future. Make an informed decision before going to Court by chatting to one of our lawyers. 

— Coastal Lawyers. 

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How are you? I’m fine.

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